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ok ok, so i hung out with dalynn and ryan today. we went to get something to eat and then headed up to paradise lake, cause ryan had never been there. we were standing on the shore, discussing dalynn's dad's cabin at philbrook, when we hear yelling across the the better part of my brain said, "yell back damnit!" so i did. the voice in the distance said "come over here!" so i yelled, "no, you come over here!!!" so we met turned out to be...

three firefighters! woo! and two of them were semi-goodlooking...the other was fuckin' gorgeous! they are from san diego, and are training in magalia...they were freezing, and i'm walking around in a chanille guys. they all had on yellow pants and yellow jackets...dead sexy! so after talking to them for about 45 minutes, we had to go, so i gave them my phone number and told them we should hang out, and i'd show them around. the hot one said friday...

this is the coolest damn day of my life...subconsiously i was told this morning to dress redneck, so i did, hat and everything...then i meet three hot fire fighters! that is a win/win situation right there!

i hope everyone agrees with me!
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